Seth Moulton is only 2020 candidate who sponsored legislation that would restrict taxpayer aid to Israeli units who abuse Palestinian children

Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton, who has a reputation for being a more pro-business Democrat, announced that he is running for president this week.

Despite his reputation for being less friendly to some left-wing causes, Moulton did co-sponsor the HR 4391, the  Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act.

Under this legislation, the Secretary of State would have to certify that taxpayer aid isn’t being used to detain or abuse Palestinian children. It is to my knowledge the only piece of legislation in Congress that could restrict any type of aid to Israel.

Several other 2020 contenders — Democratic Reps. O’Rourke, Gabbard, Ryan, and Swalwell — all failed to endorse this legislation. No Senate companion exists although it is worth asking Senators if they would support this legislation.

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